Ahhh!!! COLLEGE!!!

College has now started and my first few weeks have been very busy and hectic! I have whole heap of home work and I have kept on top of it all! I’m kind of excited for the weeks ahead however I am quite nervous…
I really want to keep on going with my blog but I don’t think that I will find any time to blog… I have loved having a blog and I want to keep on going.
Paraparaumu College has been the best! I’m still getting used to the timetable and walking to the classes but I will get used to it sooner or later!
I have found college okay so far and we have recently had our athletic day! I came fourth in the 100m sprints!!! I am still so happy that I actually came something other than last with my knee problem!!
Today I was meant to do three events but i missed one and only did two… I am still quite tired! Well I am off now.. to rest up and think up of what I am going to post next time that I have time to post! 
Bye Guys/Gals (: <3


Hey guys! I’m sorry that I haven’t been on in so long! The computer blew up and I have been super busy writing my narrative at school! But now that we have a replacement laptop for the time being… I can write more often.

I find it kind of hard to write on this laptop because the letters are in a different place and are slightly bigger! I will get used to it (hopefully!)!!!

Okay well first things first….

Christmas has crept up so fast and mission day has been and gone. We raised over $2000! I was so surprised!


Today we found out that our teacher, Mrs G is leaving St Patrick’s school next year! Mrs G, If you are reading this…..

Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher and helping me out in all subjects! I have really loved having you as a teacher in my last years at primary school! Thank  you so so much for all your support and love!


Speeches. Wow! I was so surprised at how well I did compared to last year! I was astonished! I spoke slower and that morning I couldn’t find my speech anywhere! I panicked and then a thought popped into my head to write what I remembered and then Improve what I could. As I rewrote it that morning I think that i did a pretty good job!

I have also been asked to present the years 5 and 6 speakers at the speech finals! I’m excited about that and a bit nervous too. I will get over that though!


The music concert has been and gone too! Jessie, (my friend that plays the flute too!) and I were the flute leaders in the concert! It was fun and I’m sad to say that, that will be my last concert with Kapiti Music center. 🙁


Today we got an Ipad for in the class! I think that it is a cool idea and that we could use it for all kinds of things!


Collage! It is so close! I’m excited and nervous and heaps more! But i can’t wait! I think that it’s going to be weird because there’s going to be about 1500 students! Also that I’m going from being the eldest in the school back to the youngest!

Over and out,


Mission Day 2012

Mission day is coming up and I can’t wait! I have and idea of what I’m going to be and if you have any ideas that may help.. Please leave a comment down, below.

The theme this year is, I wish I was a…

  1. hippie
  2. pop-star
  3. Baby

That’s all that I have so far! I really need some help with this!

The thought of being a hippie was at Kapa Haka (Afterwards of course!) with my friend Vicky.  We were going to do it together and i was going to make daisy chain head bands! Maybe…

The pop-star idea was my sisters idea! I don’t really like it but she said, “Why don’t you be something normal for once?!”

Baby, well that was my idea and even still it don’t really like it! I think that the best idea was and is probably the hippie!

Thank-you for reading this and really, if you have any ideas please leave a comment below to help me out!


What a Term…

This term has been pretty good so far.

There’s only nine weeks left of primary school for me and then I’m of to collage! I’m so nervous! I can’t wait to move on to collage because I’ll learn a lot of new things and hopefully I’ll learn some Japanese (my all up favourite language)!

This term I have enjoyed all of the stuff but what has probably stood out the most was probably the french and the science…

I liked the science because I learnt about forces and I learnt some really cool marble games (as the science was all about marbles!!)! I like some of these marble games because they weren’t easy to learn and weren’t hard and they were fun to play.

I liked the French because it wasn’t easy and I learnt a lot of new words and some more songs. The best part about French was probably the learning the ice-creams. The annoying bit was that the French teacher called me grass and then everyone in my class (well not everyone) started to call me that too.

I also liked choir. The choir was fun although I thought that there was going to be solo but there wasn’t. ( 🙁 ) The bit that I didn’t like was probably that all of the songs were really high (I prefer low songs like, Price tag by Jessie J). I liked choir because I really like singing and that I LOVE big audiences ,I don’t know why! it’s odd because last year in choir I got chosen out of like twenty people to do a solo, I was nervous of course but wasn’t scared of singing in front of all the people.

Fonteria Science Road show

Science experiments, facts and fun all combined into one at the fonteria science roadshow.

On the 19th of September we went to the frontera science roadshow. We had a great amount of fun and learnt a lot of new things! The thing that probably fascinated me the most was probably The Elephat’s toothpaste It was AWESOME! It was awesome because there was a lot of foam and i mean alot because it was like a BIG tray full of the stuff!

Another thing that caught my intrest was probably the oil.there was this compresser thing that you put a special kind of seed into. Then you pull a leaver up and down and that squishes the seeds which makes oil!

O loved the science roadshow altogether and i hope that i have the chance to go again!

Ski Camp

In six days there’s ski camp. I really CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I choose to ski rather than snowboard since I have not been snowboarding. I haven’t been skiing in about three years! So I can’t really tell you how excited I am! 
We’re leaving next Wednesday. So this Friday we have to bring all of our gear into school so our principal and Mrs G can check that we have all of the correct gear. 
I really want to know who I’m going up with and who I’m in a cabin with.  I would really like to be in a cabin with at least one of my friends and I would like to go up with Sonia. 
Do know what? I was kinda hoping that we would go up for at least two days but we’re only going up for three days and only one of them will be skiing!
Well I don’t want to bore you to death so I’ll stop my jabber and you… yes you there, please leave a comment!
😀 😛


Tommorow we have a school mass. I have to play my flute or a recorder. Both of them I find quite easy as I have played my flute for 4-5 years and ever since I’ve played flute, I’ve been able to play a recorder.
We have three or four songs to play. Since we can’t go into the church (Earthquake prone) we’re going to have to do it in Grace Hall.
Some of the songs I cant play on my flute so I play them on a recorder. most of the songs that we are going to play I will probably play on recorder since my friend (Sonia) probably wont be here because she has a cold.
Yesterday you should’ve heard her! Her voice was crocky and then normal again and then back to being crocky.
For mass we have, 4-5 people playing guitars, 2-3 people playing the recorder (including me), 3 ukuleles, 1 paino and me on my flute. 
I’m really quite looking forward to my first mass in Grace Hall.

The Hunger Games

 This is the book of the…. HUNGER GAMES!!

  ‘May the odds be ever in your favor!’

  The main characters from the Hunger games are……

Katniss Everdeen, Peeta Mellark, Primrose Everdeen, Haymitch Abernathy, Gale Hawthorne and Effie Trinket.

I absolutely LOVED this book. It was probably the fastest time that I have read a book. I loved this book so much probably because of its great description.

‘Primrose Everdeen’ Effie said with a smile, ‘and Peeta Mellark.’

As I take her place on the stage I can see her cling to mum.

As I enter the arena all of the other tributes are looking straight at the cornucopia. The golden horn sits there. Patiently wait for all of the tributes to enter the bloodbath. As i stand there 30 seconds longer Peeta looks at me, I look at the cornucopia…

 If you really want to find out more about this book you should go and read your yourself! If you have already read please, please tell me what you thought about this book!

There is a few sad parts just to tell you and in one of them I actually cried:( In really want to tell you what happens but I won’t because a lot of people still haven’t read it! If you haven’t and you’re 12+ this book will be great for you! 🙂


Week Three…

Last week we had a Reliever Teacher as Mrs G’s mum had past away. 🙁 

The best thing that we did was probably the poems. I liked the poems because they weren’t the usual type of poem that you would write. One of them was called an onomatopoeia poem and the other one a Haiku poem.

Here are my Poems:-


Haiku Poem:-


Riding on my horse

Trotting, skipping, galloping,

The judges give nines 


Jumping off the board

Gliding into the water

NO splash at all! WOW!

By Grace 

Onomatopoeia Poem:- 

Olympic Gym

By Grace 


The Japanese girl is running up to the vault,

Tip-tap, tip-tap, tip-tap, tip-tap,



She’s flipping,

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh

Three flips! The crowd is amazed!

AHH!!!  Clap-clap-clap!!

The next cotenant’s chalking her hands,

Dip-dab clap, clap!

Taking a few sips of water to clam the nerves in her hands,

Wiggle-waggle, wiggle-waggle.

The nerves are making her loose her footing,


She stands up and the songs thankfully over!

Clap-clap-clap! ‘Bravo!’

She bows and the crowd goes wild!


We did these Poems with a teacher called Mrs Milstead. I don’t usually like writing Poems but these poems were pretty Awesome to write! You should give them a go! Here’s how to write a Haiku poem:-

1. Tihnk of a thing to write about and then brainstorm your Ideas down onto a peice of paper

2. The first line HAS to be 5 syllables e.g The horse ate too much

3. The second line HAS to have 7 syllables e.g The rain dropped down my window

4. And finnally the last line once again HAS to have 5 syllables

That should be your Haiku poem!

Tell me what you think of my Onomatopoeia and Haiku Poems!



My descriptive writing about and old man…

 My point of view:

The man is old his skin all shriveled up, like an old prune that has been on the floor since  1590.

He has a nicely kept beard but it looks like really scruffy.

His hair is messy but it looks combed.

The bags under his eyes are dark and very,  very big!

It looks like he has a dark jacket, nice and  warm protecting him from the killer wind!

He looks bored but he has a warm smiling starting to spread along his old wrinkled face.

He could definitely do worth a shopping spree!!

His pint of view:

I’m old and very, very tired!

Day by day the bags under my eyes get bolder and bigger. I really wish I could just have one peaceful night!

My hair is not tangled but messy. My beard though is well kept but getting greyer and greyer every week!! My stylist (well barber) says that it’s good looking!!!

My dark jacket that I found in an op shop fits perfectly. It’s keeping me safe from the killer that’s blowing. BAM! That’s when it hits my face so I pull up my hood and turn my back on the wind.

I’m so bored that nothing can entertain me apart from putting on a smile!

I wish that i could go back en years. Look young once again.